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Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City
Where inspiration flourishes.

Find the inspiration to pursue your passions at Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City. Imagine how refreshing it can be when home is a peaceful little haven, tucked in the middle of the bustling city. Like a beautiful Magnolia blossom that envelops a garden with its delicate scent, Magnolia Place envelops families with warmth and inspiration. Step inside Magnolia Place and find the perfect backdrop for your family's pocket moments.

Make the simple act of coming home an uplifting experience.

Nestled along Tandang Sora Avenue Extension,  Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City offers the revitalizing moments you seek. Spread across more than three hectares, Magnolia Place DMCI  Tandang Sora Quezon City is home to  five-story medium-rise residential buildings surrounded by open spaces that are dedicated to manicured landscapes and amenities, giving residents a wide selection of invigorating and soothing activities.

Magnolia Place DMCI Quezon City Verawood Building
Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City Double Row Building Facade

Be inspired by the tranquility in this organic community.  

Here, manicured landscaping, various pocket gardens and a curvilinear tree-lined drive that runs through the property offer a most stimulating backdrop for your family's intimate moments. The atmosphere is soothing and laid back, encouraging relaxation and inspiration.
Magnolia Place DMCI QC Curvilinear_view   Magnolia Place DMCI QC ThemeGarden-Earth
Magnolia Place Curvilinear Drive          Magnolia Place Earth Garden  
Refreshing resort feel

Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City
offers a relaxing resort destination right within the confines of home, highlighted by three distinct themed gardens (Rock Garden, Earth Garden and Wood Garden), water features, and a wide array of indoor and outdoor amenities including tropical style adult and kiddie pools, multi-purpose play court, fitness gym, and children’s playground which are evenly spread throughout the development.

Magnolia Place DMCI QC Theme Gardens
Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Themed Gardens

The development takes after the shape of the lot which resembles the sweeping form of a creeping vine. The unique shape evokes an organic inspiration to focus on landscaping as the main feature of the development, allowing lush and colorful flowers and vines on the building façade.
Magnolia Place DMCI QC 07Theme Garden - Rock   Magnolia Place DMCI QC 06Swimming pool
Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City Amenities

A Life Surrounded by Inspiration.

Wander the lavishly adorned Central Curvilinear Tree-lined Drive which is half-kilometer long. It features walkways and special street paving which are perfectly complemented by a wide variety of colorful planting strips in its entire stretch. This organic atmosphere evokes a tranquil and relaxing effect to its residents relieving them from the stress of frenetic city living. With 60% of the entire land area dedicated to open spaces and common areas which includes amenities, themed gardens, water features and roads,  Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City will surely give you the refreshing and inspiring lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

Magnolia Place DMCI QC Design concept
Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City Design Concept
Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City is a community of 12 medium-rise condominiums,  strategically located along Tandang Sora Avenue near Quirino Highway and Mindanao Avenue - accessible to important institutions of business, recreation, religion and education.

Magnolia Place DMCI QC location map
Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City Location Map

Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City has a tropical resort theme that will satisfy the taste of the prospective residents namely start-up families, young professionals, and upgraders. Neo-Asian architecture will characterize the buildings, in single row and double row configurations, giving them a modern but homey look. Inside, the residential units come with added features such as a balcony and are configured with growing families in mind. Homebuyers have the option to choose either the double row building for refreshing central atriums right at their doorstep, or the single row building for beautiful views and added privacy.

Magnolia Place DMCI QC Single row Liana
Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City Single Row Building Facade

Because inspiration needs to be nurtured.

Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City
Where intimate family bonding moments bring laughter and memories,
Where the surroundings fuel your creativity,
Where knowing your family is safe leaves you free to pursue your passions,
Where inspiration fluorishes no matter where you turn.

Magnolia Place DMCI Tandang Sora Quezon City


Developer: DMCI Homes
Location: Tandang Sora Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
(5 Minutes away from Trinoma Mall)

Floor Area: 42 to 66 SQM
Unit Types: 2BR, 3BR, and 3BR Tandem


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